GoldChess Millionaire Emblem
1 $ 25000
2 $ 50000
3 $ 75000
4 $ 100000
5 $ 150000
Are you ready for GoldChess Millionaire? The GoldChess Millionaire Tournament will last for two days, but you will need only a few minutes on each of them to solve the problems.
A time for solution will be specified for each problem.
Be faster and save your solution before the time lapses.
You will be expected to solve a total of 5 chess problems:
3 on the first day, and 2 on the second day.
Particular problem files together with problem descriptions will be available for downloading at a specified time.
Prize pool worth of US$ 500.000
days tournament
problems to solve
impressive prizes

Not enough?

Our award, Mercedes-Benz A-class

Like a chess player, it's only in Mercedes

What do I need to do to win?

Just take a few simple steps and become a member of our GoldChess family.

prepare for the game
- create an account: register and log in
- download and install the CEEC chess application, and unlock it with a code
pay the entry fee
choose the game you want to play and pay the entry fee to get access to the tournament problems
solve the problem
when the Tournament starts, download a problem, open it and solve with the use of CEEC. Save your solution in a new file – you will need the original one to complete the solution submission procedure!
upload your solution
upload your solution before the time for solving the problem lapses

Is it possible to win?

Of course it is! Take a look at our winners chart.
Many people have already won some real money in our games - why shouldn’t you be the next winner?


Before you start playing...

Check out our We learn GoldChess section where you can find some sample games

Download and read our book titled How to defeat a computer in a game of chess? offering plenty of information on playing chess against the CEEC. You can also download some sample problems described in the book, and try to solve them yourself using your CEEC.

Prepare yourself thoroughly for the Millionaire Tournament.
Practice winning against the CEEC, playing in the other our tournaments and games.

CEEC chess board